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So I went full GURKE mode and completely forgot to edit/upload Episode 15 in time for the Singapore GP.  To make up for that, Valentine and I decided to do this quick cast while playing Dirt 3! We discussed Hamilton’s move to Mercedes, the effects that has on the rest of the field, and how we think Silly Season 2013 will work out. We are also officially opening a BackmarkersF1 Dirt 3 championship for those with Dirt 3 on the PC. Join Valentin, Marvin, and myself in some racing insanity and whatnot and… yeah… fun. We’ll start this sometime in the near future.
Speaking of YouTube based stuff, expect to see an increase in the number of videos produced. Bortz and I are about to (re)-launch our co-op championship, and full race footage as well as commentated highlights will be posted. What I’m thinking of doing is posting raw video from both our perspectives, and having a highlight reel with commentary from the various members of the B5. Hopefully this will lead to a more regular content stream instead of this sporatic nonsense we have going on right now.

And fans of the podcast proper don’t worry, we aren’t abandoning the podcast proper. These YouTube casts are just for things that don’t warrant a full podcast like driver announcements and random off-track stuff. Race recaps and stuff will all still get full casts.
So enough yammering. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching Valentin kick my ass in Episode 16!


Ahh, it’s almost time for my home GP, and who better to take around for a spin in this 75% race in the Ardennes forest than my compatriot D’Ambrosio in his Virgin.

I know it doesn’t beat watching a real F1 race, but at least this should get you warmed up for the real deal in two weeks. Those who don’t game may also find some enjoyment out of the commentary as more often than not I just jabber on about real F1, so you could consider this a solo podcast as well. However stay tuned for episode 2 of our backmarkersf1 podcast which will hit the site very soon, where Matt and I will dive into the feeder series and silly season with Pete Allen of the great website .

For this race I’m using a full install of the 2011 mod made by the RDDEV group over at, including an ai mod so they’ll put up some fierce resistance. The pirelli tires and the intermittent rain see to it that I make more pitstops than I wished for, but it makes for quite an entertaining race! Hope u enjoy and that it soothes the F1 withdrawal symptoms untill real F1 returns at the end of the month.

Join me onboard driving as my Belgian compatriot Jerome D’Ambrosio for a lap around Spa in the Virgin car. The F1 summer break may have us jonesing for more, but I hope this helps sooth the withdrawal symptoms.

As most of you probably know, this whole blog/podcast was born out of youtube videos using the F1 2010 game by Codemasters; and not to renounce my origins, here’s another video goodie for you! All footage used was recorded during a 75% Race at Spa racing on expert mode, using the F1 2011 mod made by RDDEV at Stay tuned for an ‘old school’ vid with commentary of this race, this is just a teaser!