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Wazzup everyone? It has certainly been a while. Sure, we’ve been doing Bortz videos and covering testing here and there, but we finally got together to do a podcast. In the process, a random Australian showed up.

That’s right! Long time listener and awesome dude @darthcookied a.k.a. Adam joined Marvin, Valentin, and myself in going through our predictions for the 2013 season. We go team by team, we fight, we love, we get offers of woman’s chest promotion, and more! Adam will be going to the Australian GP, taking loads of photos, video, and buying us all tons of souvenirs and stuff.

I hope y’all enjoy the first 2013 episode of BackmarkersF1. We’re back baby!

Oh, and if anyone out there wants to join me in an awesome gaming group, check out We’ve undergone a bit of a renovation and have big things planned for the future. Check us out, play games with me, and yell at me for bashing your favorite team. 😉

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What a race. The Brazilian GP had to be the single best sporting event ever performed in the history of humanity. It was seriously that good. In fact, just thinking about it now necessitates a change of pants. I brought Valentin and Marvin along to discuss this epic conclusion to the 2012 season, and the year in total. We give out some awards, talk shit about Grosjean, and all the other goodness you expect from us here. Time references will be here shortly, and be warned, this is another long cast.
Quick note, I did record myself playing Chivalry while we were doing this cast. It requires a lot less concentration and reaction time than a racing game, and it was easier to record live instead of trying to find the exact length of race required to fill the space. I’ll link it here, but just a note there is game audio in it as well, so if you just want to hear us talking, stick to the recordings I’ve attached below.
I want to thank all of you listeners and fans out there for making 2012 amazing. Between the show and Twitter banter/debates/fights over drivers you guys have made this something special. Roll on 2013. 🙂

Link to video w/ hot Chivalry action:

Normal Audio:


Time References:
0:00:00 - Intro
0:01:07 - Proper Intro
0:02:17 - Best Race Ever
0:09:00 - Vettel Magic (Red Bull)
    0:10:40 - Webber's Moments
    0:14:00 - Praise for Red Bull's Strategists
    0:15:40 - It Wasn't Yellow
    0:16:50 - Classification Confirmed
0:17:30 - Oh Dear, It's Happened Again (McLaren)
    0:19:20 - Where Lewis Drops Out, Jenson Picks Up
    0:21:00 - Could Lewis Have Won It?
    0:21:40 - McLaren Season Summary
0:23:00 - "Felipe Massa Is Back" (Ferrari)
    0:25:10 - Kimi Gets Funnier - Intermission
    0:25:50 - Stellar Fernando Not Enough
0:26:10 - Grosjean Crashed, Nobody Noticed (Lotus)
    0:27:50 - "They're Gonna Get Rid of Him" - "They Won't"
    0:28:00 - Kobayashi in for Grosjean - Matt's Dreams
    0:29:10 - Kimi's Different Race
0:31:00 - "Das Wonderboy of the British Isles?" (Force India)
    0:33:50 - Force India Season Summary - A Fitting End
0:34:50 - "A Team We Ignored" (Mercedes)
    0:35:20 - "P15 for Rosberg" - "Ooooh"
    0:37:30 - "We Kinda Forgot About Something Here" - Schumacher's Last Race
0:38:20 - Sarcasm for Kobayashi (Sauber)
    0:38:50 - First Lap Accidents
    0:39:30 - "A Strong Feeling FOM is Run by One Guy in a Room"
    0:40:50 - Kobayashi's Great Race?
    0:42:30 - "Those Japanese People on Twitter"
0:43:00 - First Lap Accident - Senna's Fault? (Williams)
    0:43:50 - "And Then Maldonado Dropped Out... At Some Point"
0:44:40 - Esteban Gutierrez "From Mexico" - Back to Sauber
0:47:30 - Jean-Eric Vergne, "P8, Good Job" (Scuderia Toro Rosso)
    0:48:10 - Toro Rosso Season Summary
0:49:30 - "Speaking of Caterham" (The Backmarkers)
    0:50:00 - Did Marussia Deserve P10?
    0:50:40 - "A Nice Battle at the Back"
    0:51:20 - Kudos to HRT
    0:54:30 - Heikki, Vitaly or Giedo?
0:55:50 - Season Review: The Races
0:59:00 - Season Review: The Teams
1:02:50 - Season Review: Awards Ceremony
    1:03:10 - The Gurke of the Year ("Worst" Driver of the Year?)
    1:07:30 - The Most Dissapointing Team of the Year
    1:14:20 - Rookie of the Year
    1:15:20 - Driver Who Improved Most During the Year
    1:16:50 - Team That Improved Most During the Year
    1:19:10 - Best Race Apart From Brazil
    1:21:00 - The Drive of the Year
    1:23:25 - Funniest Moment of the Year (and Second Funniest Moment of the Year)
    1:24:35 - Driver of the Year
    1:33:00 - Best Driver on Social Media
1:34:30 - Expectations for 2013
    1:37:40 - What's in Store for Lewis?
    1:41:40 - Who Are Going to Take the Remaining Seats?
    1:51:40 - New Teams to Join F1?
1:53:00 - Outro

So I went full GURKE mode and completely forgot to edit/upload Episode 15 in time for the Singapore GP.  To make up for that, Valentine and I decided to do this quick cast while playing Dirt 3! We discussed Hamilton’s move to Mercedes, the effects that has on the rest of the field, and how we think Silly Season 2013 will work out. We are also officially opening a BackmarkersF1 Dirt 3 championship for those with Dirt 3 on the PC. Join Valentin, Marvin, and myself in some racing insanity and whatnot and… yeah… fun. We’ll start this sometime in the near future.
Speaking of YouTube based stuff, expect to see an increase in the number of videos produced. Bortz and I are about to (re)-launch our co-op championship, and full race footage as well as commentated highlights will be posted. What I’m thinking of doing is posting raw video from both our perspectives, and having a highlight reel with commentary from the various members of the B5. Hopefully this will lead to a more regular content stream instead of this sporatic nonsense we have going on right now.

And fans of the podcast proper don’t worry, we aren’t abandoning the podcast proper. These YouTube casts are just for things that don’t warrant a full podcast like driver announcements and random off-track stuff. Race recaps and stuff will all still get full casts.
So enough yammering. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching Valentin kick my ass in Episode 16!

What’s up everybody? Today we’re talking about all things Spa! We bitch at Grosjean for being a complete w*nker idiot crash-kid in the first corner, talk replacement drivers, and do a rundown of all the teams. It’s pretty much your standard recap, except we have someone on the show who was actually there! It’s the resident German and Mercedes basher Marvin (@Mauin ).  I am joined by everyone’s second favorite Russian as we try to fill the big gap left by Steve’s absence. On top of all that, we sat recording for a total of five hours, as our first recording failed, and it took us an hour to realize it, hence the rushed intro.

So yeah! It’s a 2.5 hour long labor of love, but I think this is probably one of our better casts. Valentin constantly trolls us, I try to be technical, and Marvin has a German accent. What more could you ask for? Go grab yourselves a drink and sit back for another round of F1 Madness 🙂
And now, thanks to Valentin, we have a time sheet for you. Now you can find your favorite part and listen over, and over, and over again!

0:00 – Intro
3:20 – Grosjean Incident
12:30 – Maldonado Incident
26:40 – Grosjean Replacement Speculation

40:10 – The Field Rundown
– 40:10 Red Bull
– 44:20 Live Reaction to a Rubens Barrichello Tweet
– 48:30 McLaren
– 58:10 Ferrari
– 1:03:30 Mercedes
– 1:07:30 Schumacher Retirement Rumors and the Future of Mercedes F1
– 1:13:30 Lotus
– 1:16:10 Matt’s Aero Mode
– 1:20:50 Sauber
– 1:23:10 Manufacturer Potential for Sauber
– 1:30:10 Force India (A Hulkenberg Love Letter)
– 1:33:10 Force India Finance and Future
– 1:37:00 Williams
– 1:41:40 On Finns in Racing
– 1:43:30 Scuderia Toro Rosso
– 1:46:50 More Mercedes Bashing
– 1:47:30 Caterham
– 1:49:40 Marussia
– 1:51:00 HRT (despite Best Efforts to Ignore)
– 1:54:40 Future Prospects for HRT and the Failure of the F1 Points System
– 1:56:30 The State of the Backmarkers

1:58:50 Monza Predictions
– 2:09:10 Qualifying
– 2:15:20 Race

2:25:50 Ramblings on Maldonado’s Penalty
2:30:30 What’s the US Grand Prix Called?
2:32:30 Outro

What’s up everybody! At least in the blog nobody can troll my intro. 😉

Steve has been incommunicado for a bit, so I decided to take the lead and get a cast out to you awesome people ahead of the Belgian GP at Spa. The silly season has also come early this year, and with rumors linking everyone and their mothers to Ferrari, we felt like it was a topic worth devoting a small amount of time to.
By small amount, I mean two hours, and by we, I mean myself and @JourneyTH. Me talking to myself for that length of time could get boring, so I brought the BackmarkersF1 resident half-troll along for the ride. I was scared, prepared to hit that “hang up” button at any moment. My fears were (mostly) unfounded though, and it was a hell of a ride. Hopefully Steve returns to us in short order, but for now, sit back and enjoy the insanity.

Quick note, I do not have access to the iTunes account, so you’ll have to download directly from the blog for now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Backmarkers F1 Podcast #12 Spainonacoreal

Posted: June 20, 2012 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

Welcome back to the 12th installment of probably the least politically correct F1 podcast on the interwebz. This time we have a lot of material to cruise through as we celebrate Williams’ win in Spain (Pastor who?), Webbo’s return to the top spot in Monaco and Hamilton making it 7 out of 7 in Montreal, so come along with us to the not so quiet Mexican village of Spainonacoreal as your trusted backmarkers F1 duo gives you the low down on the big (and also the completely irrelevant) stories going on in F1.

As special features we have Japanese F1 legend  Taki Inoue LIVE on the show (well, sort of)  and alot of random Le Mans interjections…after all we both had the classic 24 hr race in the background while recording this.


Join us for episode 11 of the podcast where Matt and I deal with interwebz Gremlins over the Atlantic between Nigeria and Virginia, 4 cutouts and a bit of garbled audio to bring out our very unique and perhaps a tad disturbed take on the Bahrain Grand Prix. You will find out mind scarring things about Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean, we shit bricks when -for about 20 seconds – it looked like Felipe could beat Alonso and we rejoice about the proper return of the iceman. Matt even attempts some Kimi in the podcast but his Karun is still more refined. We cry a little inside because Vettel won again and we publicly crucify the Mclaren pitcrew…

Join us now for another episode filled with F1 madness!


Welcome back to the 10th episode of the backmarkers f1 podcast where we bring you some classic F1 madness to follow up on a classic race in China. The 2012 season is shaping up to be a truly epic one and it is always great to see a driver snatch that first victory, especially when it has been as long overdue as it has been for Nico Rosberg.

We take you along for the ride as we go over the Chinese Grand Prix in detail, I reach new heights in terms of political in-correctness while Matt tries his best to steer the podcast along and keep it mildy PG13 instead of R. We also discuss the Bahrain GP, sadly not only from a sporting aspect and give our predictions for the race!

Check out the podcast, and feel free to leave us some feedback on twitter @TheVillainF1 and @AgentMulder5 or in the comments below, always much appreciated!




Having carefully dissected the two first GPs and running our complex algorithms to determine the 2012 pecking order we finally felt confident enough to record another podcast.

We go over the highs and the lows in Oz and Malaysia, we look at the winners and losers, we bash whoever deserves some good bashing (and those who don’t really deserve it) and we put our reps on the line with lots of innuendo and our predictions for the Chinese Grand Prix, all of this drowning in the signature backmarkersf1 awesomesauce!


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What’s up everybody,

We’re back with a first look at the new cars by our in house aerodynamicist Matt and a peak behind the curtain with Pete aka @Paddockscout back on the show to give us the lowdown on the youngsters who made it in F1 this year and those looking to set the world of the junior series alight with his ’12 drivers to watch for 2012′. All this expertly and seamlesssly segwayed in between by the drunken ramblings of yours truly.

Forget the Platypus, all hail ‘The Alain’!

Listen to the podcast by clicking any of the linkies below for itunes, straight mp3 download or streaming (seriously who does that?) and make sure to check out Pete Allen’s awesome site

Backmarkers F1 ep 8 : All hail The Alain



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