Steve aka @TheVillainF1

Born and raised in Belgium but traveled pretty much all over the place since university (political science). I’ve been married for almost three years now with the lovely Sophie. Spent a few years living and working for an international aid agency in what I like to call ‘the armpit of the world’ (Gabon in Central Africa.) and I’m currently working in Nigeria since September 2011.  I’ve been a big F1 fan since I was about 10 years old so I was lucky enough to witness Senna’s final years in F1 firsthand which made a lasting impression on me. I made lots of Youtube videos using the F1 2010 game for fun and it allowed me to share my thoughts on real F1 as well. However that just wasn’t enough so the idea for the blog was born, and since even then I yearned for more F1 rambling I hooked up with my bud Matt from across the pond (twitter ftw) to bring you the Backmarkers F1 podcast!

Matt aka @AgentMulder5

Born and raised in the United States, stayed pretty much in the same place my entire life. Spent eighteen years in Northern Virginia, now in Blacksburg. I’m starting off my fourth year at Virginia Tech. I’m majoring in Aerospace Engineering, minoring in Russian and Mathematics, hoping to find my way into a Formula 1 team. I started watching F1 when I was six, got disinterested in the early oo’s when Schumacher started winning everything, came back when I saw Lewis Hamilton racing. I’ve been living, breathing, and devouring the sport ever since. I started writing out ideas for a scripted show when Steve gave me a massive break, letting me dual commentate his 1k subscriber special.  Now commentating for and with Andrew Bortz, Steve, and co-host of the Backmarkers F1 Podcast.

Valentin aka @JourneyTH

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, where I have resided ever since. Currently into my third year of studying political science at the Higher School of Economics, which, despite the deceptive name, is a full-fledged university. First watched F1 in the Hakkinen – Schumacher era, but pretty sure I wasn’t developed enough to understand much. However, my interest survived and evolved over the years, mostly due to the abundance of racing games I used to play (and still do). Even so, I never quite focused my attention on F1, choosing football as my primary sport of choice, until the latter half of 2010. Perhaps due to Petrov since I was still gullible enough to buy into the whole “nationality determines who you support” thing, perhaps due to the fact that the season was such utter brilliance, but I was massively hooked. However, F1 contrasted so well with the horror show that was the World Cup of 2010 that it became my main interest. Apart from that, I’m also an avid gamer with my favorite series being Call of Duty and a *ideology redacted due to fear of retribution from Matt*. Apparently now a co-host of the Backmackers F1 Podcast.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Steve,

    Everything OK in Africa?
    Hopefully you can follow the fourthcoming F1 season there.

    If you ever need some F12011 videos for comentating, e.g. while discussing an real F1 grandprix, feel free to use one of mine. I started a series ” startingfromtheback”, where I play grandprix races – due to lack of time to prepare setups for online races ( babyboy to care for) and due to bad online system- , legend AI, no assists. I always start from the back position on prime tyres and run the first stint on low fuel mix to keep it a bit not to easy…Also I do not overtake at the start on the first straight which seems to be easy against the AI……

    Anyhow feel free to use a race if you like…… singapore was not to bad…..
    Hope to race you once more in the future
    I neither have much time to practise and race so I only do one grand prix race per week at maximum…



    • Nadir says:

      Blog, podcast and videos are awesome, hilarious and up to the minute. Couldn’t ask for a more hilarious yet serious take on the beat of the pulse that is f1. Keep up the great work!

      Nadir from Montreal, Canada

  2. Kate says:

    Hello, we would like to work with you in publishing our latest Formula 1 2012 competition on your website (prizes F1 2012 for PS3 or Xbox 360, Fox clothing items). Please get back to us if zou are interested! Thank you! Best wishes

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