The BackmarkersF1 Podcast Episode 17: Orgasmic Brazil and the 2012 Season

Posted: November 26, 2012 by Matt Ruda in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

What a race. The Brazilian GP had to be the single best sporting event ever performed in the history of humanity. It was seriously that good. In fact, just thinking about it now necessitates a change of pants. I brought Valentin and Marvin along to discuss this epic conclusion to the 2012 season, and the year in total. We give out some awards, talk shit about Grosjean, and all the other goodness you expect from us here. Time references will be here shortly, and be warned, this is another long cast.
Quick note, I did record myself playing Chivalry while we were doing this cast. It requires a lot less concentration and reaction time than a racing game, and it was easier to record live instead of trying to find the exact length of race required to fill the space. I’ll link it here, but just a note there is game audio in it as well, so if you just want to hear us talking, stick to the recordings I’ve attached below.
I want to thank all of you listeners and fans out there for making 2012 amazing. Between the show and Twitter banter/debates/fights over drivers you guys have made this something special. Roll on 2013. 🙂

Link to video w/ hot Chivalry action:

Normal Audio:


Time References:
0:00:00 - Intro
0:01:07 - Proper Intro
0:02:17 - Best Race Ever
0:09:00 - Vettel Magic (Red Bull)
    0:10:40 - Webber's Moments
    0:14:00 - Praise for Red Bull's Strategists
    0:15:40 - It Wasn't Yellow
    0:16:50 - Classification Confirmed
0:17:30 - Oh Dear, It's Happened Again (McLaren)
    0:19:20 - Where Lewis Drops Out, Jenson Picks Up
    0:21:00 - Could Lewis Have Won It?
    0:21:40 - McLaren Season Summary
0:23:00 - "Felipe Massa Is Back" (Ferrari)
    0:25:10 - Kimi Gets Funnier - Intermission
    0:25:50 - Stellar Fernando Not Enough
0:26:10 - Grosjean Crashed, Nobody Noticed (Lotus)
    0:27:50 - "They're Gonna Get Rid of Him" - "They Won't"
    0:28:00 - Kobayashi in for Grosjean - Matt's Dreams
    0:29:10 - Kimi's Different Race
0:31:00 - "Das Wonderboy of the British Isles?" (Force India)
    0:33:50 - Force India Season Summary - A Fitting End
0:34:50 - "A Team We Ignored" (Mercedes)
    0:35:20 - "P15 for Rosberg" - "Ooooh"
    0:37:30 - "We Kinda Forgot About Something Here" - Schumacher's Last Race
0:38:20 - Sarcasm for Kobayashi (Sauber)
    0:38:50 - First Lap Accidents
    0:39:30 - "A Strong Feeling FOM is Run by One Guy in a Room"
    0:40:50 - Kobayashi's Great Race?
    0:42:30 - "Those Japanese People on Twitter"
0:43:00 - First Lap Accident - Senna's Fault? (Williams)
    0:43:50 - "And Then Maldonado Dropped Out... At Some Point"
0:44:40 - Esteban Gutierrez "From Mexico" - Back to Sauber
0:47:30 - Jean-Eric Vergne, "P8, Good Job" (Scuderia Toro Rosso)
    0:48:10 - Toro Rosso Season Summary
0:49:30 - "Speaking of Caterham" (The Backmarkers)
    0:50:00 - Did Marussia Deserve P10?
    0:50:40 - "A Nice Battle at the Back"
    0:51:20 - Kudos to HRT
    0:54:30 - Heikki, Vitaly or Giedo?
0:55:50 - Season Review: The Races
0:59:00 - Season Review: The Teams
1:02:50 - Season Review: Awards Ceremony
    1:03:10 - The Gurke of the Year ("Worst" Driver of the Year?)
    1:07:30 - The Most Dissapointing Team of the Year
    1:14:20 - Rookie of the Year
    1:15:20 - Driver Who Improved Most During the Year
    1:16:50 - Team That Improved Most During the Year
    1:19:10 - Best Race Apart From Brazil
    1:21:00 - The Drive of the Year
    1:23:25 - Funniest Moment of the Year (and Second Funniest Moment of the Year)
    1:24:35 - Driver of the Year
    1:33:00 - Best Driver on Social Media
1:34:30 - Expectations for 2013
    1:37:40 - What's in Store for Lewis?
    1:41:40 - Who Are Going to Take the Remaining Seats?
    1:51:40 - New Teams to Join F1?
1:53:00 - Outro

  1. Juzh says:

    so no mp3 file yet? when can we expect it?

  2. yugin says:

    I think the best way to put it would be that Vettel is a deserving champion, but not as deserving as Alonso.

    Was a great season, can’t wait for 2013- Vettel vs Alonso, plus Button, Raikkonen, Massa, and possibly Hamilton all on form!

  3. kitsuna says:

    Hey guise. It’s Adam Babiak sometimes tweeter. I’ll be at the Melbourne Grand Prix in 2013, and wondered if you’d like me to bring my phone along and upload some pics via twitter for the backmarkersf1 site. Watcha reckon Ruda?

    Also, when the hell is Steve coming back. You, Valentin and Marvin are cool, but I miss Steve’s rum-induced rambling.

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