Backmarkers F1 Podcast #14: The Belgian Grand Prix Recap

Posted: September 5, 2012 by Matt Ruda in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

What’s up everybody? Today we’re talking about all things Spa! We bitch at Grosjean for being a complete w*nker idiot crash-kid in the first corner, talk replacement drivers, and do a rundown of all the teams. It’s pretty much your standard recap, except we have someone on the show who was actually there! It’s the resident German and Mercedes basher Marvin (@Mauin ).  I am joined by everyone’s second favorite Russian as we try to fill the big gap left by Steve’s absence. On top of all that, we sat recording for a total of five hours, as our first recording failed, and it took us an hour to realize it, hence the rushed intro.

So yeah! It’s a 2.5 hour long labor of love, but I think this is probably one of our better casts. Valentin constantly trolls us, I try to be technical, and Marvin has a German accent. What more could you ask for? Go grab yourselves a drink and sit back for another round of F1 Madness 🙂
And now, thanks to Valentin, we have a time sheet for you. Now you can find your favorite part and listen over, and over, and over again!

0:00 – Intro
3:20 – Grosjean Incident
12:30 – Maldonado Incident
26:40 – Grosjean Replacement Speculation

40:10 – The Field Rundown
– 40:10 Red Bull
– 44:20 Live Reaction to a Rubens Barrichello Tweet
– 48:30 McLaren
– 58:10 Ferrari
– 1:03:30 Mercedes
– 1:07:30 Schumacher Retirement Rumors and the Future of Mercedes F1
– 1:13:30 Lotus
– 1:16:10 Matt’s Aero Mode
– 1:20:50 Sauber
– 1:23:10 Manufacturer Potential for Sauber
– 1:30:10 Force India (A Hulkenberg Love Letter)
– 1:33:10 Force India Finance and Future
– 1:37:00 Williams
– 1:41:40 On Finns in Racing
– 1:43:30 Scuderia Toro Rosso
– 1:46:50 More Mercedes Bashing
– 1:47:30 Caterham
– 1:49:40 Marussia
– 1:51:00 HRT (despite Best Efforts to Ignore)
– 1:54:40 Future Prospects for HRT and the Failure of the F1 Points System
– 1:56:30 The State of the Backmarkers

1:58:50 Monza Predictions
– 2:09:10 Qualifying
– 2:15:20 Race

2:25:50 Ramblings on Maldonado’s Penalty
2:30:30 What’s the US Grand Prix Called?
2:32:30 Outro

  1. Sam Lewis says:

    Loving this site guys.

    Unfortunately I put money on Perez for this race as he & Kamui had fantastic Qualy results. I also think Sergio attacks more CONSISTENTLY aggressively than Kamui, who I think attacks more aggressively overall. Being a Sauber man, It was a very disappointing weekend for me.

    With three penalties over the course of the weekend for Mal-dumb-ado yet still no ban-hammer, what do you think will happen if he is penalized for something @ Monza?

    Just confirming, Jerome D’Ambrosio IS driving for Lotus instead of Grosjean @ Monza.

  2. Sam Lewis says:

    Yeah, I figured as much. I know how much you guys hate HRT, but, what do you think of Ma Qing Hua making history in practice @ Monza by being the first Chinese driver involved in an F1 weekend as a driver. I hope Ma Qing will come through next year as a team driver & be exciting enough to give HRT some flavour out on the track. I don’t see why this team can’t become slightly more competitive next year, at least against Caterham & Marussia.

    I love the recognition you all gave Kamui to. Despite his damage from the first-corner incident + 3 un-timely pit stops, he still managed to crawl up 7 positions from 20th (last) to 13th. I have high hopes for Sauber @ Monza.

    You guys have any thoughts on Hamilton’s (questionable) future right now (possible Mercedes move)??

  3. Sam Lewis says:

    P.S. Sorry for weird post times (I’m in Australia).

    • It’s quite alright, hehehe.

      1. I, personally, don’t think anybody’s nationality should have anything to do with them “making history”. If we disregard the fact that Ma Qing Hua is Chinese, there is very very little he has done to prove he is more worthy of an F1 seat than other young drivers. And that’s coming from a guy who actually likes HRT best ouf of the three “new teams”.

      2. That was all Matt.

      3. I don’t see how Hamilton could benefit from that move in any way, especially when you consider Mercedes in its current state. At the same time, I would love to see it happen regardless, because it will turn the silly season upside-down. And, despite me being harsh on Mercedes, if they pull this move off, I will have to applaud them.

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