Backmarkers F1 Podcast #12 Spainonacoreal

Posted: June 20, 2012 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

Welcome back to the 12th installment of probably the least politically correct F1 podcast on the interwebz. This time we have a lot of material to cruise through as we celebrate Williams’ win in Spain (Pastor who?), Webbo’s return to the top spot in Monaco and Hamilton making it 7 out of 7 in Montreal, so come along with us to the not so quiet Mexican village of Spainonacoreal as your trusted backmarkers F1 duo gives you the low down on the big (and also the completely irrelevant) stories going on in F1.

As special features we have Japanese F1 legend  Taki Inoue LIVE on the show (well, sort of)  and alot of random Le Mans interjections…after all we both had the classic 24 hr race in the background while recording this.


  1. kitsuna says:

    Mr Ruda, if you have saved Taki’s response to “what is ‘screw you’ in Japanese” I could probably translate it for you and give ya the pronunciation.

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