BackmarkersF1 podcast #11 Vettel Shows Everybody the Finger

Posted: April 26, 2012 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

Join us for episode 11 of the podcast where Matt and I deal with interwebz Gremlins over the Atlantic between Nigeria and Virginia, 4 cutouts and a bit of garbled audio to bring out our very unique and perhaps a tad disturbed take on the Bahrain Grand Prix. You will find out mind scarring things about Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean, we shit bricks when -for about 20 seconds – it looked like Felipe could beat Alonso and we rejoice about the proper return of the iceman. Matt even attempts some Kimi in the podcast but his Karun is still more refined. We cry a little inside because Vettel won again and we publicly crucify the Mclaren pitcrew…

Join us now for another episode filled with F1 madness!


  1. Juzh says:

    I’m sory guys, but as much as I’d like to, this podcast I just can not listen to. The sound quality is just to bad. The previous one was somehow managable, but this one is just terrible. shame, as I was really looking forward to it. Hope you sort it out for the next one.

  2. I listened through the whole thing. Was quite a challenge from time to time due to the connection issues, but I really enjoyed the cast.
    Burst out laughing out loud while I was on the bus on my way home… Thanks guys 😛

    Wouldn’t it be possible to record the cast on both ends of your Skype call and then shoot your audio to Matt? Or is your bandwith limited or much too slow, Steve? That way you still wouldn’t understand each other but if stiched together we could hear everything and everyone on the finished cast.

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