Backmarkers F1 Podcast ep.9 : Australasian Dreams and Horny Horners

Posted: April 11, 2012 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

Having carefully dissected the two first GPs and running our complex algorithms to determine the 2012 pecking order we finally felt confident enough to record another podcast.

We go over the highs and the lows in Oz and Malaysia, we look at the winners and losers, we bash whoever deserves some good bashing (and those who don’t really deserve it) and we put our reps on the line with lots of innuendo and our predictions for the Chinese Grand Prix, all of this drowning in the signature backmarkersf1 awesomesauce!


tweet us @TheVillainF1 and @AgentMulder5 or leave a comment below if you liked the podcast. Always much appreciated!

  1. MW says:

    good cast guys saw it on twitter not a bad effort hopefully will do better then p3 this weekend though

  2. Hackiison says:

    In Aus GP, Perez was on course for 5th until the safety car came out, he was doing 1 stop less than the front runners (as was Kimi). The sauber is very strong, on a par with Lotus in race pace, if not quicker.

    But yeah good cast, keep them coming!

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