Backmarkers F1 Podcast Episode 8: All hail ‘The Alain’

Posted: February 10, 2012 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

What’s up everybody,

We’re back with a first look at the new cars by our in house aerodynamicist Matt and a peak behind the curtain with Pete aka @Paddockscout back on the show to give us the lowdown on the youngsters who made it in F1 this year and those looking to set the world of the junior series alight with his ’12 drivers to watch for 2012′. All this expertly and seamlesssly segwayed in between by the drunken ramblings of yours truly.

Forget the Platypus, all hail ‘The Alain’!

Listen to the podcast by clicking any of the linkies below for itunes, straight mp3 download or streaming (seriously who does that?) and make sure to check out Pete Allen’s awesome site

Backmarkers F1 ep 8 : All hail The Alain



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  1. alex020 says:

    man you’re so good … so hilarious and full of information
    keep up with it guys, it’s really great !

  2. JH says:

    Actually it’s Bianchi’s fault Van der Garde couldn’t get close to the title in GP2 in the second half of the season as Bianchi rammed him 5 times out of the race in a row in the middle of the season, resulting in VDG scoring no points in 5 races and Bianchi cruising on. And then VDG suddenly didn’t have the pace anymore. But, Bianchi = Ferrari guy and FIA = Ferrari International Assistance right? 😉

  3. Eric Parker says:

    News is the Marussia car isn’t going to have the step nose. The bad news is its going to be a Flintstones car, judging from their past results.

  4. HeinzGurke says:

    to make it short … great cast … thumbs up

  5. HeinzGurke says:

    The wing at the nose of the Force India seems to be for fitting cameras.

    I read on
    “…, with camera housings mounted at its tip giving a ‘hammerhead’ appearance.”.

    This wing is not new though, last years HRT and Redbull had similar ones.

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