Backmarkers F1 Podcast Ep7: 2012 Silly Season Shenanigans

Posted: January 17, 2012 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

What’s up everybody!

After a way too long hiatus the dynamic duo is back for some F1 madness! It tends to get kind of hard to regularly podcast when one half is stuck in the bush next to the town of middle of nowhere,Nigeria and the other half is cramming to become the next Adrian Newey, but we managed to get another one out at last and we hope it won’t dissapoint!

Join us as we drag our sorry F1 craving asses through the final month of the off season before it gets interesting again with car launches and testing.

We lament Williams’ decision before it was even announced today, Matt is surprisingly kind to Petrov, I get into a fit about the new sporting regs and Matt has several good crises, while I just try to unsee the mental image of him podcasting in his undies. Bet that picture will come and hount him when applying for head aerodynamicist at Mclaren (or HRT, he has some pretty revolutionary ideas about the sharkfin concept).

This horrifying pic of Matt in his best ‘NaughtyNewey’ pose (note the Force India mug cleverly disguised as a Mclaren) was supposed to be given as a prize in our 2011 predictions, but since you all suck at prediciting and nobody got it right – ever- I’ll throw this one in as a strange kind of thank you for your support of the blog and podcast 🙂 Prize for 2012 will be me in my hottest ‘HornyHorner’ hose

check out the podcast here! dl it on itunes, rate us there, and RT, We love it when you do that, esp Matt, he likes to be passed around 😉

I learned from the best! -Matt

dl as mp3: BackmarkersF1 podcast Ep7 2012 Silly Season

on itunes! :


  1. cheepy says:

    +100000000000 likes, been waiting for ages for one cheers!

  2. emroy84 says:

    just wanto let you guys know that there are people that listen! stay motivated and roll on with the casts, c’mon, do it

  3. alex020 says:

    Just great !
    Awesome coverage … like the bitching about Bernie !
    I’m your fan !

  4. thevillainf1 says:

    many thanks 🙂 glad y’all enjoy it

    in other news, Bernie is still a money hungry douche 😉

  5. Sim Green says:

    I have to agree with the whole Perez Di Resta thing. I’m British myself and I agree that the BBC kinda licked his arse a bit. Great podcast guys, can’t wait for more!

  6. Paulo says:

    Awesome podcast. I’m a first time visitor, so this was the first podcast I had the chance of listen to. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Absolutely agree with you guys on the tracks bit. For the life of me I can’t understand why we have races in Bahrain and Valencia when there are circuits with tons of F1 history being ignored. Well, I actually can, it’s all about the money like you guys said. Screw Bernie.

    Anyway, I’m a future follower, definitely!

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