Bring on the 2012 season!

Posted: January 13, 2012 by Matt Ruda in Uncategorized

It’s been a while! I bet you guys are wondering what we’ve been up to and why we haven’t posted anything in a while. True, Steve is off in wonderful Nigeria getting all sorts of strange diseases he won’t want to tell his wife about, but I’ve been electronically connected this whole time. I’ve been getting some questions as to why we’ve seemingly gone quiet, so here’s an explanation.

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost the urge to blog or my love of F1, it’s just that we at BackmarkersF1 strive to be a bit different from your standard Formula blog. If you follow us on Twitter you may have noticed we typically tweet about a new article a couple of times and leave it. We don’t beg for retweets, we don’t endlessly throw ourselves at people, we don’t spam your timeline, and we most certainly will never do that “follow back” bullshit. We want our followers to be interested in what we have to say, intent on contributing to the discussion. We aren’t out to pad our follower count or our page hit count and other ego-centric things. We do this because we love Formula 1.

The same applies to the blog. We could copy/paste every new story that comes out, put a quick cite, then demand retweets out the bum. However, doing this would violate everything we set out to do. This is a place for analysis, deduction, and (admittedly at times biased) opinion. Unfortunately, this silly season has hit a bit of a factual speed bump. Sure, there are plenty of rumors going around as to who will go where, but nothing is definitive yet.

So until things become factual and worthy of discussion we’re stuck in this holding pattern with you. Car launches are just over two weeks away, and I promise when they happen I’ll do my aerodynamisist thing and let you know what I think of the new cars. Hold on just a bit longer!

Oh, and in case you’re not in the Youtube loop, we’ve got a few new videos up HERE!!!!!!!! ZOMG RT RT RT RT RT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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