Backmarkers F1 Alternate WDC Standings – The Season Finale!

Posted: December 9, 2011 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Alternate WDC

Well this is it ladies and gents, the final Backmarkers F1 WDC standings. With all three championships basically decided long time ago, this was perhaps not as spectacular as expected, but it does give us an opportunity to analyse each drivers performance in detail. Despite the length of the season, some teams and drivers ended up very close to one another, and our alternate points scoring system sees some significant changes in the midfield compared to the official standings. Today we are doing this a little different, as of course the end of the year deserves a bit more of an in depth look at our standings and the performance of each driver, so I have split these post up so as to spare you the wall of text. Today we start with the top dogs, and give our final Backmarkers F1 verdict scoring the driver’s season on a scale to 10. You are of course very much invited to do the same in the comments below.

The Top Dogs

1. Vettel 147

2. Button 82

3. Webber 75

4. Alonso 73

5. Hamilton 66

6. Massa 18


Well, fingerboy is now a double champ, and has been so for quite a while in fact. I am not a fan of the guy but cannot hate on his season. He drove superbly, made just one single mistake in Canada and was flawless for the rest of the season (on race day at least, he had a few brushed in practice as he was testing the limits) and just utilized the potential of that Red Bull to the fullest to become a well-deserved WDC.

Vettel: 9/10 Near perfect were it not for slip ups in Canada and Germany, but mostly not a 10 because of that fucking finger.

With the win in Brazil giftwrapped by SebVet and Red Bull to Mark Webber, he ends an embarrassing season in third, and somehow seemed to be happy about it. While the whole team is adamant that the gearbox issue was real, the fact that Vettel set a fastest lap after he let Webbo through totally undermines that. That, and the fact he only lost by 16 seconds in the end, nursing a – by Horner’s accounts’ –near dead gearbox for about 30 laps. Also the fact that it was just so damned convenient to let Webbo win his little race this year so he doesn’t go back to OZ completely demoralized. The Red Bulls were the class of the field again in Brazil for the first time in quite a while it must be said, so they didn’t have to worry about a stray Mclaren or Alonso sweeping in to steal the race if they slowed Vettel down to let Webbo win. BackmarkersF1 calls BS on that Red Bull PR ladies and gents. His starts especially have been shockingly bad all year long and could not even get close to Vettel on Sundays and in most quali sessions.

Webber: 4/10 Consistent……ly Average. 3 poles to 15, One win to 11…Nuff said. Webber has been spanked by Vettel all year, and most of the time could not even compete with the Mclarens.

In Brazil Hamilton got a third DNF to his name for the year with a real gearbox issue , albeit only the first one through no fault of his own in a year he will try to forget as fast as possible. All the antics with Massa aside, the other contacts and the Ali G comments, what probably stings the most is the fact that for the first time in his illustrious F1 career – and likely his whole single seater career though I cba to research that now lol – that Hamilton has been beaten by his teammate over the course of a season. However there was some silver lining, his quali lap in Germany and India, and the 3 race wins sort of made his season easier to bear. If a bad season results in three wins, you probably should not be too depressed after all.

Hamilton: 6/10 A rollercoaster season combining utter brainfarts with stellar drives. Not good enough.

Now I’m not going to brag, but am proud to say I predicted a very strong season for Button before it even started in my YT vids. The Pirelli tires, Button’s maturity and expert driving especially in changeable conditions made this to me the most impressive season in Button’s career, more so than his WDC winning year with Brawn. The DNFs he had were through no fault of his own, and while his quali pace still left to be desired, by the end of the year he had largely remedied that and thus finishes a very respectable second in our WDC.

Button 8,5/10 Incredible maturity,superb wet weather driving, establishing himself as team leader at Mclaren, when in 09-10 everyone thought he’d be eaten alive by Hamilton. Not 9/10 only because he was still lacking in quali.

Fernando Alonso has been impeccable as always this year, grabbing the Scuderia’s only win in Silverstone and while some on track moves reeked of the – now legal – team orders which blighted his great season last year, he consistently did what only the truly great drivers can do. He dragged that Ferrari by the neck and outperformed it race after race. With the third best car, he somehow seemingly always managed to be on the podium.

Alonso 8/10. Solid to the core. The man is a machine and didn’t even get any points deducted for being a douche this year as he kept it clean.

His teammate was a tad less impressive, leaving the whole paddock and most F1 fans wondering what he is still doing in an F1 seat, let alone in one of those very coveted top flight teams! Yes, he had a horrific accident and we’re all glad he survived well enough to still be racing but let’s face it, the magic is gone (if it ever existed in the first place). Alonso is probably the best there is right now so there is no shame in getting beat by him, but Felipe cannot even perform the role Ferrari so loves to give to Brazilians … as supportive no2. If anything, Massa has hindered Alonso more than he has helped him in races. While I hate team orders like that, it’s about the only use Massa has at Ferrari at this point and even there he failed to deliver. It seems he’ll still be in a Ferrari next year. It baffles me, but if somehow, someway he finds back his mojo, I’ll be the first to salute him…..But it’s never gonna happen.

Felipe Massa: 3/10 Well he outqualified Alonso a few times, the only thing saving him from an even lower score.



1. Red Bull 222

2. Mclaren 148

3. Ferrari 91

Looking at the constructers there are no surprises there, Ferrari being dragged down by Massa, and Vettel scoring just one point less than both Mclaren drivers combined to snatch the WCC for Red Bull.


So, how do you think the top drivers stacked up this year? Give your merciless verdict in the comments below!

  1. thef1fanatic says:

    I’m a massive Massa fan, one of the biggest one in England (I like to believe). He has had a truly terrible season. Now Di Montezemolo has given him an ultimatum, and the fans and press alike expect him to perform; he might have a better 2012. I hope he does, although unless he has a car that is par with Red Bull and McLaren, I doubt we’ll see him anywhere near the podium. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. UTBowler0407 says:

    The only rating I wouldn’t really agree with is Webbo. I mean sure, the guy got absolutely blown out of the water by his teammate, but he only had 3 finishes below 4th all season long. IMO, the big gap between Webber and Vettel was a product of fingerboy being ridiculously good and Webber’s atrocious starts (which are obviously his own fault, but something he can work on). Plus, we never really saw how Vettel handled being somewhere other than 1st. Once he got out front he could pull away easily, but without the 15 poles to help him I don’t think he would’ve run away with it. I don’t see him repeating that feat again.

    I’m fairly new to following F1, so sorry for the stupid question, but can Ferrari relegate Massa to a test driver-type role even if he’s signed a contract with them for 2012, like Lotus Renault has done with Petrov? It seems like they could be giving the role to a deserving youngster, such as Wickens, Vergne, Bottas, etc. and giving someone seat time in preparation for 2013 (because I really don’t see them re-signing Massa).

    Either way, here’s hoping the 2012 WDC is closer than it was this year. I expect that Button and Alonso will keep it closer (and maybe Hamilton, if he doesn’t keep getting slapped with penalties every race).

  3. ninja90 says:

    Only thing I’d change would be Alonsos score. He’s been almost perfect this season.
    He has more than double the points of his team mate.
    Only downside is he got outqualifyed by Massa about 2 or 3 times.
    9/10 if not more.

    Otherwise we’re fairly the same. Hard to judge Massa tbh.
    But nobody really cares if it’s 2, 3, or 4 anyway.

    Get him out of this seat. Rosberg doesn’t want it.
    Get Perez, Kobayashi, Sutil, whoever, even just for one season, but not Massa again!

  4. thevillainf1 says:

    @theF1fanatic Well Alonso managed to do it with the 3rd best car 😉

    @UTBowler0407 True, we haven’t seen Vettel in a car like say the Mclaren and Ferrari. A car that is good, but not good enough (and I hate people mentioning the STR win at Monza. Frickin Bourdais of all people qualied 4th for that race, the STR was just bloody quick car in those circumstances)

    As for what Ferrari can do, All i can say is that contracts are only there to be broken. They can dump Massa outright in a heartbeat, no need to give him test driver role whatsoever. This is what they did with Kimi Raikkonen in 2009. They will just need to pay him out of his contract if he’s got a good termination clause in it.

    Also, it’s what Renault did with Petrov. His contract has been terminated, so he has no connection at all with the team anymmore, not even as reserve. I’m starting to get some hope D’Ambrosio will nab the Lotsu test driver role, since he’s managed by Boullier after all.

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