Predications Carnaval for the Brazilian GP.

Posted: November 24, 2011 by thevillainf1 in This Time Last Year.....revisiting the 2010 season

Dear friends of backmarkers F1, with great sadness I can bring you the very last in this year’s predictions madness, after this weekend all that’s left is to go hibernate in a cave until the February tests. But of course, let’s not allow this shocking realization to dull our enjoyment of this weekend’s Brazilian GP and come up with some crazy predictions shall we. Somehow I couldn’t find last year’s  race on my hardrive but if memory serves it was just a pretty boring Red Bull dominated procession with Vettel taking it home in front of Webbo, while team orders should have probably favored Webber at that point, and the Bulls clinching the constructors title. Aside from that it’s all just a blur, but to me yesterday evening is as well so that may not be so surprising.

As for this year, Mclaren is still repeating the sad trend since 2009 where they finish the season with a car that’s on race winning pace. This is always too little, too late, and the story of Whitmarsh saying that ‘next year we’ll be competitive from the start’ is getting quite repetitive. It’s also a little early to really speak of a Hamilton revival, since let’s face it, had Vettel not suffered a puncture chances are he could have very will run away with it in Abu Dhabi as per usual.

Those things aside, Mclaren should be strong again,  and I really hope we can finish the season with a bang, as a taste for what hopefully will be next year’s showdown between 2 –  or maybe 3 if Ferrari get their thumbs out of their asses and stop talking bullshit about an aggressive car which they say every year- roughly equal cars from season start. I want Webbo to be up there with a chance for the win – he won’t win it, but I want him to at least look like he might win it beyond the first stint.

I expect another classic Hammy-Button fight, given some extra punch by Whitmarsh’s strange comments lately, and whoever comes out on top of that one will then take it to the champ in some balls to the wall racing on the great Interlagos track. Early weather predictions indicate a fairly dry qualifying but a strong possibility for storms on Sunday so we may be in for a corker. With all that in mind, I’m again going to predict my main man Button to come out on top, in front of Hamilton and Webber, with Vettel making a mistake that drops him down the field and end his magnificent season on a low note.

While up front pretty much everything of import is done and dusted – though I guess some people are interested who will be first of the losers in 2nd place – the fight in the midfield will have a very tight ending. Renault is probably out in the clear for 5th thanks only to their early season double podiums, though a surprise result from both FIs could still see them get overhauled but it’s a long shot indeed with 15 points to make up. Still, 5th and 6th is all the FIs need to jump the Renaults provided they don’t score themselves. It is possible if the front runners get into some trouble and with the Interlagos weather notoriously unpredictable that isn’t entirely out of the question.

Sadly, I do not believe it will happen, as Senna will find some of his uncle’s magic on this legendary track to nab enough points to stave off the FI and possible also Grosjean for next year’s seat. Petrov will end up in the trees somewhere while Sutil will complete his final race for FI with a solid drive in the rain to finish 6th after Massa dn Rosberg punt each other off and Schumi spins in Turn  3, ruining his chances to finish the season ahead of Rosberg in the standings. With this drive Sutil will jump Heidfeld and Petrov in the WDC standings – he’s currently only 2 points behind Petrov and equaled with Heidfeld- to finish 9th. Di Resta will fail to bring home the bacon after a long fight with Senna.

The battle is even tighter between the STRs and the Saubers, with Kamui’s 10th place in Abu Dhabi just barely giving the edge to the Swiss team. If no one of the 4 drivers score in Brazil, this could very well be the most expensive point in f1 as it would secure 7th for Sauber. Further back I’d love to see Lotus score at least a point this season so I’m going all out and predict Heikki for 10th in a rainsoaked crazy race. Buemi is almost guaranteed to lose the teammate war but it’s mostly some very bad luck which got him in this situation. Perez could even overhaul him as the young Mexican is only 1 point behind, but for all his skill in the dry, his first laps in Hungary made me worry about his wet weather skills as he dropped some 10 places in 1 lap without sustaining damage or contact which could explain this spectacular drop.

As for the recap


1. Hamilton

2. Vettel

3. Webber



1. Button

2.  Hamilton

3. Webber

  1. JourneyTH says:

    Honestly expecting a Webber pole and win. Really hoping for it, anyway.

    Quali: Webber – Vettel – Hamilton

    Race: Webber – Vettel – Button

  2. Utopian Crib says:




  3. Qu:


  4. Gareth says:

    I really hope next season we will have to think of more than just a handfull of drivers for the top three, we all seem to be putting the same guys in slightly different order all the time, lol. Anyway, here goes my prediction:


    1. Webber
    2. Hamilton
    3. Button


    1. Button
    2. Hamilton
    3. Vettel

    I’d really love to see Webber get a win and hope I’m proved wrong, but I think Button may have the edge over everyone else this weekend, especially if it’s changeable conditions. It’ll be interesting to see how Ferrari get on depending on the tyres available too.

  5. thevillainf1 says:

    yea i’m with you Gareth, it’s always the usual suspects. At least last year we had the occasional Merc or renault surprise podium, but then again that only happened because you couldn’t overtake and because Kubica was driving a Renault.

    Alot will depend on the Mercs, if they can join the battle at the front for earnest it’ll be hella fun next year

  6. Anonymous says:


    1. Vettel
    2. Hamilton
    3. Webber


    1. Button
    2. Vettel
    3. Alonso

    But really hope merc can finally attack the podium with Schumi or Rosberg!

  7. technoelite says:

    Good predictions just thought i let you know the BBC have produced their f1 list for next year.
    15 April: China
    13 May: Spain
    27 May: Monaco
    24 June: Europe
    8 July: Britain
    2 September: Belgium
    23 September: Singapore
    14 October: Korea
    4 November: Abu Dhabi
    25 November: Brazil

  8. Jan says:




  9. Matt Ruda says:

    So I decided to forgo quali predictions to watch the weather, and seeing the current forecast I’m ready to predict away. It looks like rain is on the way, with sources predicting everything from a sprinkle to a monsoon. With that in mind, three guesses who will end up on top.

    Button will win.

    If this were full wet or full dry I’d pick Vettel, but Jenson just has that extra little something when conditions are dynamic. Look at Canada. Sure, he won due to a last second mistake by Vettel, but he had to come from the very back of the field, fight everyone, then put himself in a position to capitalize on any mistakes.

    Second will go to Vettel. He’s not a guy who goes on tilt very often, so the retirement in Abu Dhabi will not phase him one bit. Baring any sort of weird anomaly or coming together between Jenson and someone else, look for him to keep Jenson honest, but still end up behind.

    Third will go to Hamilton. He’ll have a solid race, but not be able to keep up with the guys ahead.

    Forth will go to Massa. Shocking coming from me I know, but I think he’ll have a strong performance and get that extra something from the home crowd. I may not like his attitude, but I think every driver deserves a solid performance at their home GP.

    Fifth will go to Alonso, who will beat the shit out of Smedley post-race for not issuing a “faster than you” radio message.

    Oh, and if Massa and Hamilton come together here in Brazil, someone will have to call the SAS to get him out of there.

  10. Mark says:

    My prediction for the race:

    1. Webber (c’mon he’s gotta win atleast 1 race for f%#* sake)
    2. Button
    3. Hamilton
    4. Vettel
    5. Alonso
    6. Rosberg
    7. Massa
    8. Schumacher

  11. cheepy says:

    So guys are we gona get another podcast? Been craving for one

  12. Juzh says:

    indeed. no word from you for quite some time now.

    • thevillainf1 says:

      we are here, still alive and kicking…well sortof.;) Matt’s busy travelling and studying and I’m being escorted around by armed men, but when we get some free time from all the insanity we get crackin on the podcast 🙂

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