Backmarkers F1 podcast #5 Singa-Japanese GP

Posted: October 15, 2011 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

After a short hiatus due to me moving to Nigeria and the consequent interwebz problems we’re back in action with another podcast focusing on the Japanese GP, and a touch of Singapore. With back to back race weekends it was tight to get this one out in time but we somehow managed to do it before the Korean race. Join us for some classic F1 madness with Stephen Hawking – well thats how Matt sounded to me on skype – and an alcoholic bum – thats probably how I sounded to Matt – with episode 5 of the podcast!

backmarkers f1 ep 5 japancast

  1. Well even the 599th episode of the BackmarkersF1 podcast doesn’t disappoint! Even though Korea is in the books I had to catch up a bit and what better way would there be than to listen to this podcast.
    Very nice and entertaining, although every time Steve began to speak I was like “Whoa! How many beers did he just drink??”
    Very cool that the internet connection is good enough for the podcast. Sounded perfectly fine for me.
    Thanks guys!

  2. SSC says:

    Great episode guys! Your race analysis is spot on. Just with the button-vettel incident, I dont think you can penalise it cause if you punish that then you also have to punish every other incident at the start. When cars are racing in the middle of the pack contact n stuff is inevitable.

    But anyways keep up the good work!!!

    PS. As an indian in oz, Matt’s accent is amazing 🙂

  3. war:head says:

    You might want to try with less booze next time. 😛

    Still a nice podcast, though. Fun to listen.

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