Predictions for the Malaysia… I mean Singapore GP.

Posted: September 24, 2011 by Matt Ruda in Uncategorized

Since Steve is off getting shots in his ass to resist the germs, viruses, and general ickyness of Nigeria, I’m going to be the one to make the Singapore predictions post. Since I’ve been a knob, and haven’t actually watched last years GP, I really can’t comment on it. Also, since it is currently 12:30AM local time, and I have to work again at 5AM local time, I’m going to keep this brief.

Vettel will get pole because he can, Hamilton will come second, with Alonso bringing up a nice third. The race will be changeable weather, shit will hit the fan, Seb will find a wall somewhere, leaving the battle for the lead down to Jenson and Fernando. Jenson will come out on top being the Dampmeister and all, and Lewis will settle for third with Alonso separating the McLarens. Massa will not have a moment and will grab a respectable fourth.

I’m going to predict a massive accident on lap one, with five drivers retiring at least.


Post your predictions below and stuff. And if you don’t get the reference in the title, someone needs to listen to the podcast 😉

  1. JourneyTH says:

    When you promise those Vettel accidents, they never end up happening. Ever. At all.

    So, I’m just going to guess a Vettel pole and win here. Hamilton and Alonso second and third in the quali, while Alonso and Webber rounding up the podium.

  2. Alonso will win, Seb will be on podium and Lewis will have an accident. Button will be DNF’ed by a midfield racer.

  3. Quali:
    1 Vettel
    2 Alonso
    3 Hamilton

    1 Vettel
    2 Button
    3 Hamilton

  4. Anonymous says:

    1. Webber
    2. Rosberg
    3. Massa


  5. Are these predictions even remotely based in reality? 😀

  6. Juzh says:

    no singapore podcast?

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