Backmarkers F1 Podcast #4: 2011 Italian Grand Prix Review – Monza

Posted: September 13, 2011 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast

After a hope crushing,  balls to the wall racing weekend, backmarkersf1 is back to bring you the low down on all things F1..and more. Guided by our alternate WDC standings we dive deep into what happened behind the top dogs and try to lift the veil on what the FOM feed refuses to provide us: coverage of the midfield and backmarkers.

We quickly hit the limiter talking shit about Liuzzi’s bowling bonanza into turn one, try to back off on Petrov bashing for once and begrudgingly bow down to the superiority of Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull RB7.

Feedback much appreciated as always so feel free to drop us a comment below and/or tweet us @TheVillainF1 and @AgentMulder5

  1. JMD says:

    @40:20 and discussion about Lewis at the start ….

    Agree with Matt here …I expected a change from Lewis and I may have mentioned in my comments on the Monza predictions … but this is not the change ….

    I think privately, Lewis is under pressure personally, and needed a clean race, but I did not expect him to surrender almost.

    His post race comments were dulled down also and his entire persona was not the old Hamilton ….

    Worried that the wind is out of his sails and not just on the track!


  2. Ferrari123planb (MarkMansfield21 via twitter) says:

    Im not sure about the one test track ferrari uses there name, but they use 2 test tracks 1 of them being mugello (btw its said like moo-jello) and so far i agree with matt in terms of rookies, i put perez #1, but he isnt ready for ferrari, he prob needs 1 extra year which he will get indeed 😀 and btw matt im american too, i watch on SPEED, do u too? with bob varsha, david hobbs, etc?

  3. Juzh says:

    Great podcast, preety much covered everything. But you did forget to mention webber overtaking button right after the restart into turn 1. I also think he would be able to get way higher than p5 man. Red bull was just mind blowingly fast. This race was certainly set for a red bull 1-2. remember that webber ran longer gear ratios (longer than mclaren in fact, based on the official data), so he would have very little problems dispatcing schumcher and hamilton on straights or in a corner since traction of the RB7 seemed to be a level above everybody else, as also pointed out by button in press conference. Also when button overtook alonso, he was virutaly unable to close the gap to vettel who was allready cruising at 17k rpm with reduced gearbox and kers performance at that stage according to helmut marko. What good is it to you 2 fastest laps when you’re unable to deliver consistenly.

  4. Great podcast, really good discussion as always. Loved the last bit – “See you in Malaysia, shit, Singapore!”. 😀

  5. JMD says:

    The ‘rum’ at play at the end methink …moohahahahaha

  6. thevillainf1 says:

    Thanks for the comments pll, means alot.
    Turns out Bianchi and Perez did run at Fiorano, so my first guess was right 😉 Also, it was the sober coffee slurping Matt (in his force india mug!) who thought we were heading to Malaysia, it’s my rum drinking ass who had to correct..Guess Matt should start drunkcasting too 😛 figured we’d just let that in for comic relief.

  7. Matt Ruda says:

    That’s right. I was fully lucid and rockin’ that cast… and then picked the entirely wrong country. We were going to cut it at first but figured, it’s a live show, shit happens ;). I’m glad you guys are enjoying the show. It’s so much fun to do, basically giving me the chance to “F1 OD” for an hour or two.

  8. Great episode, keep it up 😉

  9. Glad to hear that you guys really have so much fun doing these episodes – it shows when listening to the podcast.
    Really like every episode and this week I happened to stop listening to another F1 podcast half way through just to listen to your podcast and finish the other one sometime later. Great stuff! Keep it up and thanks a lot for making these!

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