BackmarkersF1 Podcast #3: Belgian Grand Prix

Posted: August 30, 2011 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Podcast


Welcome back to the third installment of the backmarkersf1 podcast, this time a full blown race review of the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa-Francorchamps, my home GP.

We cover F1 and sexual innuendos, Maldonado’s questionable facial features, FOM’s and FIA’s epic failures, Americans butchering pronunciations of anything foreign, not so quick Nick’s demise, and of course all the action from the race weekend.

Added to all that madness we dive deep into the bump and grind of the mid and backfield with the help of our super scientific alternate WDC standings.

  1. JMD says:

    Nice work guys …. been working in the garage this morning and had this playing in the background ….. making some racing rig parts for my home cockpit !!

    I enjoy the topics range and I the banter.

    Sometimes the conversation rambles a little which is not a big deal but do try to keep it moving ….

    I’d sure appreciate a rundown on the drivers and teams over the course of the weekend ….

    A little more structure of the podcast may be OK but it’s cool that it’s not over scripted.


  2. JMD says:

    [Correction (;] I sure appreciate the rundown on the drivers and teams over the course of the weekend ….

  3. Matt Ruda says:

    Yeah, the rambling thing can be improved upon, but that’s just one of the problems with a completely unscripted show. One second we’re talking Mr. Eyebrows, the next Belgian orgies…

  4. JMD says:

    Hey guys, no worries, the ramblings have a point on them at the end and it’s all good.
    Anyway, listen to me [LOL] … it’s a podcast, ahem .. your podcast ….and there is a lot more room for personalizing it how you guys want.

    I’ve followed Steve via F1 2010 and I like his take on modern F1 and the blog you guys are working so far is cool too so I’ve bookmarked and will be check in from time to time.

    Here’s a question I’d like your thoughts on …. what does Rubens bring to Williams that a rookie or relatively new driver with talent can’t and would you keep him at Williams if your were Parr in 2012 ?
    My opinion is to say thanks Rubens …. wish you well fella. Bye now!



  5. thevillainf1 says:

    thanks a lot for the kind comments JMD, much appreciated. As for Rubens, I wrote this blog post a few months back and my feelings haven’t really changed: Get outa here ya old fart! 😉

  6. Another great podcast in my opinion.
    You spoke about all the sessions and covered all the big incidents and upsets of the weekend.
    I also listened to another F1 podcast this week and they completely failed to cover some stories.
    And I don’t mind the rambling at all. It’s what makes this podcast YOUR podcast (and explicit :P).

    Looking forward to another podcast!

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