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Posted: August 17, 2011 by thevillainf1 in BackmarkersF1 Alternate WDC

As discussed in the inaugural episode of the backmarkers F1 podcast, one of our vital tools to assess performances in the midfield and back of the pack is our scientifically developed (read drunken maths) alternate WDC ranking method. Today I bring you a nicely cleaned up version of what was at first just a messy excel file.

So here is how this works for WDC1: The Top Dogs: The top 3 teams are put in a championship of their own, as they are basically in a league of their own anyway. However, that leaves us with just 6 cars in this WDC, so we are giving them points based on the scoring systems of the 90’s: 10 points for the winner, 6 for 2nd place, 4,3,2,1 for the rest. If a Driver from the 2nd alternate WDC group (The Midfielders) manages to sneak up into the top 6, he is awarded points based only on the WDC2 ranking method which we’ll discuss shortly. However he will take away points from WDC1 contenders. eg: Petrov’s podium in Australia. He gained 25 points as winner of WDC2, however Alonso finishing behind him only gets points for his fourth place, so midfielders can still take away points from the top dogs!

Backmarkers F1 WDC1:  The Top Dogs

I doubt anyone’s surprised to see Vettel running away with the title no matter what points scoring system we use, but it is interesting to note that Webber is only down in 5th with this method, despite being 2nd in the official FIA standings. This can of course be explained that even though he has been a consistent points finisher, he has not had a win yet, unlike his competitors Alonso (1), Button (2) and Hamilton (2). Massa’s poor performance is clear for all to see again no matter which scoring method we use, consistently bringing up the rear in the races, with an occasional 4th or 5th as ‘highlights’.

BackmarkersF1 WDC2: The Midfielders

So for WDC2 we gather the 6 midfield teams together for their own WDC. As said above finishing in the overall top 6 of a race does not bag them extra points, but they will take points off the top dogs.  As for all 3 WDCs, a DNF,DSQ or DNS automatically results in a 0 points haul for that race, so it might be that 5 of the midfielders retire, they will not gain points even if they could be seen as classified in say 9th. Since we have 12 cars in this WDC, we use the current F1 points scoring system so 25 points for the ‘win’, 18,15,12,…..

Again no surprises here that Rosberg is dominating WDC2, with his teammate Schumacher a distant 2nd. What is interesting is Heidfeld’s good performance in P3, a mere 2 points of Schumacher. With his teammate Petrov 9 points further back in 5th place, it puts an even more dishonest touch to Renault’s recent Heidfeld bashing while heaping praise on Petrov.  Heidfeld is outscoring the rudderless Russian, but probably not by as much as the Renault boys were expecting. Whether this is due to Heidfeld’s poor performance or Petrov’s improved pace is a hot topic to be debated on future podcasts for sure! Kobayashi shows his class by splitting the Renaults in 4th and keeping on Schumi’s tail only 5 points behind ze German. Sutil has racked up quite a lot more points than his rookie teammate, but now that Di Resta’s string of bad luck and rookie mistakes may have been broken with a top performance in Hungary, he might still be in for a good challenge. Buemi has also put some breathing space between himself and his teammate, but one DNF and a good race from Alguersuari could tip the balance again. These boys will be fighting it out to the death to see who retains the STR seat for next year. Finally, Perez’s poor showing should be viewed in light of his 2 missed races as a consequence of the Monaco crash and it has allowed Rubinho to at least keep him honest. However Maldonado’s shockingly bad race pace comes to light looking at his meager 6 points haul. He may have shown flashes of real talent in quali (eg his Monaco and Barcelona laps were mega) but he needs to get on top of race pace to get rid off the pay driver stamp.

BackmarkersF1 WDC3: The Backmarkers

Finally we turn our attention to the beloved backmarkers: the 3 ‘new’ teams Virgin, Lotus and HRT. Since we’re down to 6 cars again ,we shall use the same points scoring method as the top dogs.

A lot of people will be surprised to see Trulli leading the charge despite his constant whining about power steering. The gap to his teammate Kovalainen is very small of course, and being outqualified 10-1 must sting for the former one lap wizzard. This is even more impressive as we have to bear in mind Trulli didn’t even start in the German GP, where he gave up his seat to Chandhok. Despite my claims in the podcast, a drunken maths mistake urging me to asses D’Ambrosio’s ascendance over Glock has shattered my vain hopes. Recounting the totals before posting on this very serious F1 blog, I uncovered my error which saw Glock leap ahead of my compatriot, albeit only by 4 points, a quite respectable performance by D’Ambrosio. However we should bear in mind that Glock has suffered the majority of reliability issues with the Virgin. Liuzzi is doing what he can but had lost touch with the leading group, while in just 3 races Ricciardo has already managed to leapfrog Khartikeyan. We can’t really judge Chandhok of course after only 1 race.

I developed this super scientific WDC scoring system so we could have some extra data to look at when we discuss the going ons behind the top dogs. As a 12th or 15th place in a race quickly fades from memory, but it is an indication of how well drivers in uncompetitive cars are doing. This scoring system helps us put points on weekly performances, so we can see who really deserves to move up and who should just GTFO.

Hope you enjoyed the writeup, A discussion on this will feature in every post race Backmarkers F1 podcast with updated rankings, and stay tuned for ep 2 of the BackmarkersF1 podcast: a silly season special and a look at the feeder series hot shots with Pete Allen from . We hope to be able to bring you the podcast in the coming days, as soon as Matt sorts out his interwebs gremlins which in his words “is more temperamental than Webbo’s KERS”

note:  WDC graphics base file provided by James Robertson

  1. Matt Ruda says:

    I can’t help but laugh at your creative interpretation of how “assess” is spelled. 😉

  2. Laughed at that “Sky” instead of “BBC”. Great job on that ;-).

  3. BTW, sorry for the double post, but I’ve just remembered. Will you do the “This time last year” on the Belgian Grand Prix?

  4. thevillainf1 says:

    Damn you Matt, now I can’t ninja edit it lol.. Next post will be in French, see how ya like that! 😉

    @Alex, yes, I plan to rewatch the 2010GP in the coming days and will do the usual write-up and ask for predicitions 🙂

  5. Lee says:

    Interesting stuff, nice how you got the FOM graphics too, how did you do that?

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