VIDEO: F12011 Mod and Commentary – Belgian Grand Prix with Jerome D’Ambrosio

Posted: August 15, 2011 by thevillainf1 in Videos

Ahh, it’s almost time for my home GP, and who better to take around for a spin in this 75% race in the Ardennes forest than my compatriot D’Ambrosio in his Virgin.

I know it doesn’t beat watching a real F1 race, but at least this should get you warmed up for the real deal in two weeks. Those who don’t game may also find some enjoyment out of the commentary as more often than not I just jabber on about real F1, so you could consider this a solo podcast as well. However stay tuned for episode 2 of our backmarkersf1 podcast which will hit the site very soon, where Matt and I will dive into the feeder series and silly season with Pete Allen of the great website .

For this race I’m using a full install of the 2011 mod made by the RDDEV group over at, including an ai mod so they’ll put up some fierce resistance. The pirelli tires and the intermittent rain see to it that I make more pitstops than I wished for, but it makes for quite an entertaining race! Hope u enjoy and that it soothes the F1 withdrawal symptoms untill real F1 returns at the end of the month.

  1. technoelite says:

    Nice lap. regarding what you say about the second corner. It is official DRS will not be used in that section due to safety grounds. On the bbc f1 website if you want proof. Keep it up dude. YOur tips help improve my racing 😉

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