TheVillain enters the F1 blogosphere!

Posted: May 12, 2011 by thevillainf1 in Uncategorized

What’s up everybody!

Perhaps I should have started with a more formal greeting but how could I ignore what has become my standard greeting from the many gameplay videos I have produced over the past years. I doubt that kind of intro phrase will impress broadcasters looking for a new ‘man with the golden voice’  but who cares, huh? Can you believe I even used to freestyle rap intros to gameplay vids?! Luckily for all of us, those days are way behind me, and now it is all about some serious F1 madness.

This blog will give me the opportunity to toss ideas around that are floating in my head about both the virtual and the real world of Formula One. Tweets are just too short to cover it all, and I imagine you would also like to hear some commentary on the actual racing in my gameplay videos instead of me ranting endlessly about F1. This is NOT an F1 news blog, there’s far more talented real journalists with much better access to the paddock covering that beautifully already. This is just a friendly place for people to chat about F1.

I love F1, Senna posters adorned my childhood room from the late eighties onwards, his death crushed me, Schumi’s glory days kind of disgusted me, but somehow I never managed to shake the F1 virus off completely….and that takes us to the creation of this blog.

That’s it for introductions, many thanks for visiting and you are most welcome to share your thoughts with me right here, have fun!

Steve aka TheVillainF1

  1. nowonda says:

    Nice to see this, I just found it via your last youtube race edit (AI on Catalunya). I hope it goes for a long time, wish you best of luck, i really enjoy your race edits and comments (about racing and real F1)!

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